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IJITE - Volume 07, Number 02

Published On : July 2015
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Earthquake response of Irregular Tall Building with Different Position of Shear Wall
Bhojaraj M, Sanjay S J
Abstract: Shear wall is a structural element which can be used to prevent the lateral loads in the high rise buildings. Shear wall is mostly used to resist the gravitational load. They are designed mainly for structural walls for resisting the horizontal forces which are caused in the plane wall because of the natural forces. How the building behaves whenever earthquake occurs is based on the shape, size and geometry of the structure. Earthquake forces can be resisted very effectively if shear walls are constructed in an efficient manner such that they have stiffness and strength to prevent it. Here, in the project, Response Spectrum method is used to analyze the irregular shaped RCC structure. The investigation is carried to know the contribution of different shapes and location of shear walls to lateral strength and lateral stiffness of the high rise irregular building. The comparison has been carried out between building with L SHAPE SW, C SHAPE SW and LINE SHAPE SW.
Keywords: Earthquake response, Position of Shear Wall, L shape, C shape and Line Shape Shear Wall.
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Fractal Image Compression Based on Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Prashant Kashirao Adakane, Prof. Onkar Nath Thakur
Abstract: The use of social media, handheld devices like smart phones etc and other areas of computer world are generating huge and further increasing amount of information which results in increased storage requirement. Providing good quality of digital image compression techniques and its optimization is in a great demand even though different image compression schemes are available. So that, new and advanced Image compression techniques are required to develop. Digital image compression algorithms also utilize the redundancy in an image so that it can be represented using lesser number of bits while still maintaining acceptable image quality. The compression technique gives the verity of algorithm such as lossless compression and lossy compression. Different algorithms and compression techniques are used to get better compression rate. Multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) technique for the fractal image compression is presented here in this research paper. The MOGA gives the two fitness constraints function one is selection of symmetry block and another is removal of redundant block of information.
Keywords: Image Compression, Multi-objective genetic algorithm, fitness function.
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Data Hiding in Motion Vectors of Compressed Video Based on Their Associated Prediction Error
Mrs. Musale Shital Satapa, Prof. S. S. Pawar
Abstract: In the today’s world transfer of data over the network increases tremendously. So, the security of data is Very important for secure communication. The Steganography is a technique in which the data is hidden in the multimedia content like image, audio, video. The Cryptography alone is not sufficient for securing the data. So, in this paper we use the concept of data security using Steganographic SLSB algorithm. This paper deals with data hiding in compressed Video. Motion vectors are calculated using macro block prediction error, which is different from the approaches Based on the motion vector attributes such as the magnitude and phase angle, etc. Information hiding is a method of hiding secret data into a host medium so that the hidden data are imperceptible but known to the intended recipient [1]. The host medium may be a digital image, audio, video, or another type of media. Among the different kinds of media, the digital image is most popularly used as the host media to convey secret information. In the image hiding system, the image used to embed secret data is called the host image (cover image). The resultant image, which is embedded with secret data, is called the stego-image.
Keywords: Steganography, LSB, motion vectors.
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