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IJITE - Volume 06, Number 01

Published On : June 2015
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An Implementation of Raspberry-Pi Based Health Monitoring System Using Mobile Devices
Chetan T. Kasundra, Prof. A. S. Shirsat
Abstract: Healthcare and wellness management is one of the most promising applications of information technology. The telemedical system focuses on the measurement and evaluation of vital parameters, e.g. ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse oximetry, plethysmography and fall detection. The proposed system presents a personal healthcare system that is both flexible and scalable. Employing embedded wearable low-power sensors, the system measures health parameters dynamically. For wireless transmission, these sensors are connected to a sensor node through IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee or bluetooth. Raspberry-Pi is used as a sensor node. Because of some advantages and the features of the Raspberry-Pi can be used as a controller not just as sensor node. To assess the physical health of an individual, the system uses heart rate variability analysis in time and frequency domains. Acquired data are first stored, analyze and visualize on a server. Results of the analysis are then automatically sent to mobile devices carried by the individual or appointed healthcare providers or other mobile devices through e-mail. In this way, mobile techniques are used to support remote health monitoring services.
Keywords: Raspberry-pi, heath condition, heath application.
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An Effect of Different Parameters of Fins on Heat Transfer of Honda Shine Bike IC Engine
Abhesinh J Padhiyar, Asst. Prof. Vashim G Machhar
Abstract: Low rate of heat transfer through cooling fins is the main problem in this type of cooling. The main of aim of this work is to study various researches done in past to improve heat transfer rate of cooling fins by changing cylinder block fin dimensions. So efficiency of the engine is increase by increase the heat transfer. Examples of direct air cooling in modern automobiles are rare. The most common example is the commercials Automobile bike like a Honda Shine, Bajaj bike, Honda splendor etc. From this study, It is conclude about shape try to this fins is more effectively heat transfer in Honda shine bike compare to existing fins. After FEA Analysis it checking on fin whether efficiency of heat transfer increases or not.
Keywords: Fins, Heat transfer rate, Air contact area, FEA, PRO-ENGINEERING, ANSYS.
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Static Analysis of Leaf Spring with Heterogeneous Concept
E.P.Shanmugham, R. Meiyazhagan, S. Karthikeyan
Abstract: Suspension system is a major unit in automotive design, especially leaf spring design. It absorbs payload and road loads to give comfort to vehicle. Loads travel through each leaf and produce contact stress with each contact members, this effectively reduces the life time of the spring system. Spring steels are majorly preferred as leaf spring material, but in practical nature vehicle caries loads that are much higher than designed limit and causes earlier failure to leaf spring, which is a catastrophic in a driving condition and should be avoided. Preferring composite materials is very costly. In this project work, a heterogeneous model leaf spring system is developed and numerically tested for a better suitability for the existing model. This model will introduce synthetic rubber sleeves between spring leafs, which is a elasticity material, this system is designed and modelled using PRO-E software, dimensions and loading data are taken from literature reviews. FEA based static analysis will be conducted to study the behaviours of existing and heterogeneous models and the effectiveness of new model will be evaluated.
Keywords: Leaf Spring, Synthetic Rubber, PRO-E Wildfire 4.0, ANSYS Workbench 13.0.
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Studies on Stabilization of Clayey Soil & Gravely Sand Soils Using Non-Conventional Stabilizers
Nithin R, Namratha Bharadwaj, Ashwin M Joshi
Abstract: Suitable Soil required for construction activity may not be available all along the alignment. It therefore becomes necessary either to procure soil from far off barrow areas or to stabilize the locally available soils to improve their engineering properties. The Stabilization of locally available soil proves to be economical. In this study, laboratory investigations were carried out on two types of Soil samples viz., Clayey Soil (Black Cotton Soil) and Gravely Sand Soil, blended with Non Conventional Stabilizers (Stabilig A and Stabilig B). Soil samples blended with 2%, 4% and 6% stabilizers were subjected to tests like Unconfined Compressive test, Triaxial test, Durability test etc., No significant changes in the basic properties were observed but there was a considerable change in the strength values of the stabilized soils.
Keywords: Stabilig A, Stabilig B, Non Conventional Stabilizers, Clayey Soil, Gravely Sand, Stabilizers, Modulus of Elasticity.
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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Metals by Using Different Metal Joining Process
Shaik Himam Saheb, Karanam Gobburi Pavan Kumar, A. Vijay Kumar
Abstract: This paper titled “Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Metals by Using Different Metal Joining Process.” Describes the mechanical properties of material before and after the welding. The material chosen for study is Mild Steel Flat and Mild Steel rod this studies were conducted based on the experimental values taken on and by comparing them by using graphs. Mechanical properties can be finding by finding tensile strength on the UTM machine. We also studied the weld zone mechanical properties under various welding operations like TIG, MIG and Gas welding on MS. flat and MS. Rod . Also compared the all values.
Keywords: Joining Process, Metal.
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The Cortisol Awakening Response Using Modified Method For Higher Order Logical Relationship
Dr. P. Senthil Kumar, B. Mohamed Harif, A. Nithya
Abstract: A growing body of data suggests that a significantly enhanced salivary cortisol response to waking may indicate an enduring tendency to abnormal cortisol regulation. Based on the forecasting results, our objective was to apply the response test to a population already known to have long-term hypothalamo–pituitary–adrenocortical (HPA) axis dysregulation. We hypothesized that the free cortisol response to waking, believed to be genetically influenced, would be elevated in a significant percent age of cases, regard less of the afternoon Dexamethasone Suppression Test (DST) value based on high-order fuzzy logical relationships. First, the proposed method fuzzifies the historical data into fuzzy sets to form high-order fuzzy logical relationships. Then, it calculates the value of the variable between the subscripts of adjacent fuzzy sets appearing in the antecedents of high-order fuzzy logical relationships. Finally, it chooses a modified high-order fuzzy logical relationships group to forecast the free cortisol response to walking and the short day time profile.
Keywords: Fuzzy Time Series, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logical Relationship, Fuzzy Logical Relationship Groups, Mean Square Error, glucocorticoids, salivary cortisol, bipolar disorder, lithium, Dexamethasone Suppression Test, DST.
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A Novel Approach to Detect and Defend against Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Ankita Jain, Megha Kamble
Abstract: The Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) more vulnerable to attack in comparison with the wired network. Hence difficult to have a secure and authentic communication in wireless network. This paper focus on study of wormhole attack and the performance of wormhole attack on Ad-hoc on Demand Distance Vector routing protocol and MANET. In this paper we represent a mechanism of Delphi for detection and digital mark scheme for prevention of the wormhole attack in Manet. Delphi mechanism allow the sender to check whether there are any malicious node trying to launch wormhole attacks in the network or not. In this method we collect number of hop count and delay information and digital mark scheme is prevent the network against wormhole attack. In this scheme receiving node verified and compare the digital mark of previous node. The proposed work is simulated using Opnet simulator to evaluate the wormhole attack impact on AODV and MANET and measure certain parameters such as number of hops, traffic received and sent packets, delay and route discovery time.
Keywords: MANET, Wormhole, AODV, Digital mark, DelPHI.
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Design, Modelling and Simulation of Advanced Electric Vehicle Using FLC
Nirbhay Thakur, Rameshwar Singh
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to presents the simulation of an advanced electric vehicle drive system that is used to explore power flow throughout motoring and regeneration mode, considering a DC motor, an ideal controller combined with a Fuzzy Logic controller, a battery and a battery controller. The simulation model is used to appraise the electric drives energy stream and efficiency for specific speed and torque conditions. A stable Simulink model is design to govern the system performance over a given speed and torque conditions. The number of electric vehicles on the roads is growing every year, therefore this paper denotes the cost effective design, robust design, growing efficiency and environment friendly vehicle.
Keywords: Advanced Electric Vehicle [AEV], DC motor, motor controller, battery, battery controller, fuzzy logic controller.
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Prevention Mechanism For Sqlia Using Hash Key With XML
M. Shanmugham, C. Maleappane Lawrence
Abstract: The past decades SQL Injection attacks have been used to read sensitive data form database and preventive methods are blocking the SQLIA. The present research has been given a cryptographic solution with the mechanism through HASH Function which has been stored in XML File and verified directly.
Keywords: SQL Injection attacks, HASH function, XML Path.
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Web Usage Mining:Analysis of WebLog Software’s
Sudip Kumar Suklabaidya, Pradeep Sharma
Abstract: World Wide Web is becoming one of the prime modes of information in present time. Websites are the nuts and bolts of World Wide Web where all the information lies. It is very important for the website builders and marketers to focus on learning about web users and their interactions with websites. Information on navigation paths is available in log files. Web log files are automatically created and maintained by a web server. Every hit to the website, including each view of html document, image or other object is logged. There are many software’s available to analyze these log files. In this paper, we propose an evaluation of some of these software available on scores measured on various factors of web usage mining. Our analysis can be helpful for all the website builders and marketers for selecting software available for web usage mining.
Keywords: Web mining; Web usage mining; Weblog; Web servers; web mining software; E-commerce.
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