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IJITE - Volume 05, Number 01

Published On : May 2015
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Theoretical Validation of Thermo-Elastic Models for The Evaluation of Thermal Expansivity and Thermal Conductivity Behaviour of Al 6061–Sic–Gr Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
S A Mohan Krishna, T N Shridhar, L Krishnamurthy
Abstract: Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are the proficient materials that possess excellent opportunities for modern material science and development. The thermal characterization of hybrid metal matrix composites has been increasingly important in a wide range of applications. The coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity are the most important properties of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs). Since nearly all Metal Matrix Composites are used in various temperature ranges, measurement of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) and Thermal Conductivity as a function of temperature is necessary in order to know the behaviour of the material. In the research, Al 6061 is the matrix alloy and Silicon Carbide and Graphite are the reinforcements considered, being fabricated using stir casting technique. Microstructural analysis has been carried out using Scanning Electron Microscope to examine the dispersoid concentration of the reinforcements. Few empirical models have been validated for the evaluation of thermal expansivity and thermal conductivity behaviours of hybrid metal matrix composites. Some of the important theoretical models for the evaluation of thermal expansivity considered are rule of mixtures, Turner’s model, Kerner’s model and Schapery’s model, whereas for the evaluation for thermal conductivity behaviour are series, parallel, geometric, Maxwell, Russell and Lewis Neilsen models. A comparative study has been carried out based on the experimental and theoretical values of thermal conductivity and thermal expansivity.
Keywords: Metal Matrix Composites, material science, microstructural analysis, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity, theoretical models.
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5G: Super-Fast Mobile Networking
Shyam Shukla, Aparna Dixit
Abstract: 5G is also referred to as beyond 2020 mobile communications technologies. Mobile technologies have undergone a great evolution from 1G to 4G. Now, 5G technologies is being planned to design the best wireless world that is free from limitations and hindrance of the previous generations. The major difference, from a user point of view, between expected 5G techniques and current generations include low battery consumption, more secure, high speed. This paper represents, a brief evolution of pervious technologies, introduction to 5G technologies, why there is a need for 5G, advantages of 5G networks technology, exceptional applications, Quality of Service (QoS) and comparison of 4G and 5G technologies.
Keywords: 5G; Why 5G?; architecture of 5G component; requirements and challenges.
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Dynamic Topology Control using Cooperative MAC
Saba Parveen, Rajendra Tiwari
Abstract: An adhoc wireless network consists of a collection of geographically distributed nodes that communicate with one other over a wireless medium. An adhoc wireless network are differ from the cellular network in a way that there in no fixed wired infrastructure. In adhoc network communication capabilities depends on the battery power of the network nodes. In this paper, we address the topology control with cooperative communication problem in adhoc wireless networks. Cooperative communication allows combining partial message to decode a complete message with less transmission power. Cooperative communication reduce the transmission power and extends the transmission coverage. However there are several research on topology control with cc only focuses on maintaining network connectivity, minimizing the transmission power of each node whereas recently energy efficiency of paths in constructed topology is introduced. In this only energy efficiency of path in constructed topology for static cooperative adhoc network. When unexpected changes in the network such as link and node failures are occur in cooperative communication in adhoc wireless network then this may causes inefficient routes and hurts the overall performance in cooperative adhoc network. Therefore in this paper we address this problem by handling the energy efficiency.
Keywords: Cooperative communication, topolpgy control, energy efficiency.
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Improving Voltage Stability in Multi Objective Economic Power Dispatch with Emission Constraint Using New PSO
Divyendu Tripathi, Vivek Patel
Abstract: Economic power dispatch (EPD) is the important optimization technique in electrical power system. Economic load dispatch plays important role to determine the generating fuel cost and efficiency of electrical power system to make system more reliable and better operating condition . In this paper we considered EPD problem for multi objective function voltage stability , emission constraints and fuel cost of generating units are the main objective constraints to solve multi objective EPD . Here we not only solve the EPD problem but also minimize the environmental emission and increasing reliability of the power system. Particle swarm optimization is the most popular optimization techniques used for the EPD problem. PSO is the population based optimization techniques is inspired by sociological behavior of ant . PSO can be used to solve multi-objective with voltage stability constraints EPD problem. This paper used a PSO with constriction factor for voltage stability for solving EPD problem, which enhances the ability of the particles to explore the solution spaces more effectively and increases their convergence . In this work the CPSO algorithm is demonstrated for simple and reliable EPD through its application generator systems with emission constraints.
Keywords: Voltage stability, Minimum fuel cost, Emission constraints, Economic dispatch.
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To Development of Design and Analysis of Spur Gear (And Bevel Gear) Forming by Using Conventional Lathe
P. Parthiban, M. Robert Sagayadoss
Abstract: Spur gear is produce with the help of conventional lathe and also it will be aid to mass production possibility. The gear forming method is also used to internal and external type of gear generate. This type of gear forming process to no need of indexing head, flushing of chip removal system, cooling system, free of complexity operation and to eliminate the parametric design difficulties. In the gear forming process is resembles to the knurling operation. In the gear forming tools is to be similar shape and dimensions of Spur gear. This forming tool is constantly pressed against the rotating cylindrical job. Each passes (feed) the form tool travel by whole length of job for simultaneously tool rotates. The form tool having three steps of gradually forming teeth. First stage teeth is V-shaped notch make on the work piece surface is primarily creating as per the requirement number of teeth. Then, second stage teeth of tool is to be intermediate dimensions of the gear and final stage of form tool teeth has to be original dimensions of gear teeth. Thus, the gear form tool teeth impression creates on the job surface to full depth of teeth forming. In the method is generally utilized to fine and medium depth and pitch forming and mass production of conventional lathe machine by economically increased in the GFT design.
Keywords: Force, teeth, speed, form, chip less, mass production.
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Performance Analysis of Multi-channel 802.11MAC for Wireless Mesh Network
Krunal Shah, Prof. Dhiraj Patel
Abstract: There are various channel access methods include Schedule based, contention based and Hybrid based in which IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) is including contention based category. The IEEE 802.11MAC is based on carrier sensing, and contention, i.e., collision avoidance of frame transmissions from different radio stations. This contention-based protocol is argued in this paper and extended for the usage in multiple parallel frequency channels, in which a multi-channel station sets of channels for increasing its own achievable throughput that is used in Wireless Mesh Network Performance analysis Single channel single interface scheme using IEEE 802.11 MAC and TDMA channel as relative study. Measure performance parameter of existing Multipath and Multi-channel network with multichannel interface using IEEE 802.11 MAC channel. In addition, performance of Wireless mesh network using IEEE 802.11 MAC is best interesting subject for researcher.
Keywords: IEEE 802.11 MAC, Multichannel, Multipath.
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FACTS Controller for Performance Optimization of Grid Connected Wind Farm
Mridula Sharma, Pallavi Singh Bondriya
Abstract: Wind is gaining more attention as an alternative mean for electricity generation. But integration of wind farm in power grid introduces new factor of uncertainty result in poor power quality. Power quality is key factor in today scenario. Custom power devices are extensively used for mitigation of power quality issues like harmonics and voltage unbalance. These papers demonstrate the utility of connecting STACOM with fuzzy logic controller at PCC for mitigation of power quality issues and for performance optimization. Effectiveness of Proposed control scheme is demonstrated and verified in MATLAB/SIMULINK in power system block set.
Keywords: BESS- STATCOM, FACTS, custom power devices, fuzzy logic controller, power quality.
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Easy and Instant Communication in College using hike
Adilshah N Jalgeri, Rizwan F Mujawar
Abstract: Hike is a Smartphone based application which is used for the instant messaging and communication. Most popular feature of the application is its ability to enhance communication within a group. In college campus the students and teachers communicate using hike has not yet that much properly used it has been researched deeply. And we have conducted research project which gives technical advantages such as cost, availability, instant messaging, file sharing, voice calling.
Keywords: Hike, social network, instant message, communication platform.
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Comparison of Ridge Discontinuity Analysis Methods of Altered Fingerprints
Anoop T R, Mini M G
Abstract: Ridge discontinuity is an important feature in altered fingerprint detection. This paper compares two methods of ridge discontinuity analysis; polynomial approximation of orientation and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) enhancement based method. Altered fingerprints are detected using these methods and result is compared using Receive Operating Characteristics (ROC) curve analysis. Altered fingerprint database used for comparison comprises of real and synthetically altered fingerprints. The result shows that FFT based method gives better performance.
Keywords: Comparison, Ridge Discontinuity, Altered fingerprint, Detection, FFT.
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Challenges & Strategy of Rural Marketing(A Case Study: India)
Chandrabhan Singh
Abstract: The rural market has been growing steadily over the past few years and is now even bigger than the urban market. About 70 per cent of India’s population lives in villages. Rural markets offer a great scope for a concentrated marketing effort because of the recent increase in the rural incomes and the likelihood that such income will increase faster because of better production and higher prices for agricultural commodities. ‘Go rural’ is the marketer’s new slogan. Rural Marketing is a developing concept. Thus, looking at the opportunities, which rural markets offer to the marketers, it can be said that the future is very promising for those who can understand the dynamics of rural markets and exploit them to their best advantage. There is no doubt that divides do exist between urban India and rural India. This paper discusses the rural marketing and its challenges for selling products & services.
Keywords: Rural Marketing, Rural Market, Problems, Rural customers etc.
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