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IJITE - Issue 50, Volume 30, Number 01

Published On : June 2017
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Applying Genetic Algorithm To Manage Uncertainty In Operating Cost
Dr. Niju. P .Joseph, Redha Jasim Shaker
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Angular Distortion Analysis on the Basis of Current, Gas Flow Rate and Welding Speed in Austenitic Stainless Steel Welding Using GTAW With and Without Flux Powder
Ashtosh Kumar Singh, Bodhisatwa Seal
Abstract: This study aims at the investigation of the effect of flux powder on angular distortion in 304- austenitic stainless steel welding using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). Trial runs have been conducted to find the most effective levels of the factor to be used for the experimentation. Three input machine parameters namely current, welding speed and gas flow rate have been considered in order to find out the influence of parameter on weld bead geometry, i.e. angular distortion. The range of input parameter has been selected on the basis of the size of the specimen.
Keywords: Angular distortion, Gas flow rate, Flux powder, Gas tungsten arc welding
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Design And Fabrication Of Stair Climbing Cart With Lifting Bucket
Abhishek Ranjan, Aditya Burman, Akash Prajapati, Akhilesh Choudhary, Awadhesh Vishwakarma, Ayoushi Shrivastava
Abstract: our goal is to reduce human effort to carry heavy loads over stairs. We plan to do this by developing a mechanism for easy transportation of heavy loads over stairs. The need for such a system arises from day to day requirement in our society, so we made a “stair climbing hand cart”.A stair climbing hand cart can carry heavy object up the stair with less efforts. It is light in weight. It can travel over stairs, flat surface or uneven terrain which reduces the human efforts. It has tri-lobbed or tri-star wheel which enable us to carry loads on stairs. It also comfort the movement of trolley in irregular surface like holes, bumps etc. It can be used as a handicap carry cart, for lifting the handicap up stairs.
Keywords: stair climbing hand cart
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Implementation of Genetic & BFO Algorithms BasedQuaternion Matrix Analysis on Vector Sparse Representation of Color Image
Mr.Anubhav Garg, Mr. Sourabh Goyal
Abstract: Vector sparse image models use color image pixel as a scalar vector, that represents color channels independently or concatenate color channels as an indefinite image. In this paper, we recommend a vector sparse representation model for color images using quaternion matrix scrutiny and Genetic& BFO algorithms to reduce distortion. As a modern tool for color image representation, its possible applications in a number of image-processing everyday jobs are presented, including color image restoration, denoising, and super-resolution. The proposed system represents the color image as a quaternion matrix, where a quaternion-based dictionary learning algorithm is existing using the K-quaternion singular value decomposition system based on Genetic & BFO Algorithms. Genetic Algorithms (GAs) are adaptive heuristic search algorithm based on the evolutionary ideas of natural selection and genetics andThe Bacteria Foraging is an evolutionary algorithm used to enhance the quality of an image by removing noise.As such they represent an intelligent exploitation of a random search used to solve optimization problems. Sparse representations have been extended to deal with color images composed of three channels.It conducts the sparse origin selection in quaternion space, which uniformly transforms the channel image to an orthogonal color space. In this new color space, it is important that the inherent color structures can be entirely preserved during vector reconstruction. Additionally, the proposed sparse model is more efficient compared with the current sparse models for image restoration tasks due to poorer redundancy between the atoms of different color channels. By the use of Genetic & BFO algorithms, we remove the distortion from image.
Keywords: Vector Sparse Representation, Quaternion Matrix Analysis, Color Image, Genetic Algorithm (GA), BFO Algorithm, K-QSVD, image restoration.
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Extensive Survey On Passive Filter Based Shunt Compensators with Power Theory
Surendra Singh, Prof. N. K. Singh
Abstract: The passive filters are used to mitigate power quality problems in six-pulse ac-dc converter with R-L load. Moreover, apart from mitigating the current harmonics, the passive filters also provide reactive power compensation, thereby, further improving the system performance. For current source type of harmonic producing loads, generally, passive shunt filters are recommended. These filter apart from mitigating the current harmonics, also provide limited reactive power compensation and dc bus voltage regulation. However, the performance of these filters depends heavily on the source impedance present in the system, as these filter act as sinks for the harmonic currents. On the other hand, for voltage source type harmonic producing loads, the use of the series passive filters is recommended. These filters block the flow of harmonic current into ac mains, by providing high impedance path at certain harmonic frequencies for which the filter is tuned. Moreover, the harmonic compensation is practically independent of the source impedance. But, passive filter suffer due to the reduction in dc link voltage due to the voltage drop across the filter components at both fundamental as well as harmonic frequencies.
Keywords: Active Filters, Power Distribution, Power Filters, Power Quality.
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n Extensive Efficient Technology To Improve The Image Compression Technique in Transform Domain
Anusha Shrivastava, Prof. Sunil Phulre
Abstract: The Discrete Cosine Transform is one of the most widely transform techniques in digital signal processing. In addition, this is also most computationally intensive transforms which require many multiplications and additions. Real time data processing necessitates the use of special purpose hardware which involves hardware efficiency as well as high throughput. Many DCT algorithms were proposed in order to achieve high speed DCT. Those architectures which involves multipliers ,for example Chen’s algorithm has less regular architecture due to complex routing and requires large silicon area. On the other hand, the DCT architecture based on distributed arithmetic (DA) which is also a multiplier less architecture has the inherent disadvantage of less throughputs because of the ROM access time and the need of accumulator. Also this DA algorithm requires large silicon area if it requires large ROM size. Systolic array architecture for the real-time DCT computation may have the large number of gates and clock skew problem. The other ways of implementation of DCT which involves in multiplier less, thus power efficient and which results in regular architecture and less complicated routing, consequently less area, simultaneously lead to high throughput.
Keywords: Image Compression, DWT, IWT, DCT,PSNR.
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Determinging Structure Of Customer Priorities In Emarketplaces
Rahul K , Dr. P Mohan
Abstract: In the changing market place, e-market places are the major players. It has large number of products and innovative services. Selection of online retail stores becomes increasingly important in todays competitive environment. Several elements need to be considered by the customers before choosing a provider. The present study is related to online retail stores. It is a customer oriented study and it is done to assess the importance of different factors in online buying process. The study takes 120 customers across Kozhikode district and four online retail stores (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and E-bay). Five constructs (Placeholder1) and nineteen variables were used. Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process was used to test various assessments. It was found that largest collection of goods, material appropriateness, flexibility, diverse payment options and advertisement are the most important factors considered by the customers. Again, it is found that amazon does better in two areas, i.e...stock and promotion. Flipkart ranks first in delivery. Snapdeal and E-bay placed first at price and service quality respectively.
Keywords: Onile Retail stotres, stock, delivery, service quality, price, promotion, FAHP.
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Study Of Various Routing Algorithm On Hybrid Routing Topology By Employing Different Applications
Shivali Narang Jain, Dr. Neeru Malhotra
Abstract: The main cause for the degradation of the network performance in internet is instability in routing, link failures and congestion in the networks [1]. It has been found that most of the disruptions occur during routing changes. Every routing protocol behaves different from each other performance wise. We have evaluated performance of each protocol for real time applications.
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Output SNR Analysis And Detection Criteria For Optimum DCT-Based Multicarrier System: Review
Govind Singh Rana, Dr. Anubhuti Khare
Abstract: The demand for multimedia data services has grown drastically which drive us in the age of 4th generation wireless communication system. This requirement of multimedia data service where user are in large numbers and with bounded spectrum, modern digital wireless communication system adopted technologies which are bandwidth efficient and robust to multipath channel environment known as multicarrier communication system. The modern digital multicarrier wireless communication system provide high speed data rate at minimum cost for many users as well as with high reliability. The multi-carrier modulation (MCM) technique has been seen to be very effective for communication over channels with frequency selective fading. It is very difficult to handle frequency selective fading in conventional communication receivers as the design of the receiver becomes hugely complex. The Discrete cosine Transform (DCT) has been the dominant medium-access technique in the fixed and nomadic modern wireless communications.
Keywords: Multi carrier modulation (MCM), Discrete cosine transform (DCT), OFDM, Fourier transform (DFT), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
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An Extensive Review On Tribology and Lubrication
Rajendra Dewde, Dr. Uzma Qureshi
Abstract: Tribology is the “ology” or science of “tribein”. The word comes from the same greek root as “tribulation”. A faithful translation defines tribology as the study of rubbing or sliding. The modern and broadest meaning is the study of friction, lubrication and wears. According to the modern dictionary and handbook, “The branch of science and technology concerned with interacting surfaces in relative motion and with associated matters as friction, wear, lubrication and the design of bearings is Tribology”. Tribology is the art of applying operational analysis to problems of great economic significance, namely, reliability, maintenance and wear of technical equipment, ranging from spacecraft to household appliances. The understanding of the underlying mechanism requires a combination of knowledge from the fields as varied as physics, chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering and mathematics and makes tribology all the more interesting. Tribology is crucial to modern machinery, which uses in sliding and rolling surfaces. The role of lubrication is an important part in the field of tribology. Lubrication is simply the use of material to improve the smoothness of movement of one surface over another, and the material, which is used in this way called a lubricant. Lubricants are commonly used for lubrication to reduce the friction and wear of interacting surfaces and provides smooth running and a satisfactory life for machine elements. Most lubricants are liquids (such as mineral oils, synthetic oil, silicon fluids, water, etc.), but they may be solids (such as polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE) for use in dry bearings, greases for use in rolling element bearings or gases (such as air) for use in gas bearings. The physical and chemical interactions between the lubricant and the lubricating surfaces must be understood in order to provide the machine elements with satisfactory life.
Keywords: Tribology, Polyalphaolefin (PAO), perfluoropolyether (PFPE), lubricants.
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A Review on Content Based Image Retrieval by IPP algorithm
Payal Bajpai, Prof. Amit Saxena
Abstract: The administration of advanced data has dependably been one of the key assignments of software engineering. In the early decades, when the greater part of the information comprised of content and numbers, social databases took care of the capacity and looking admirably. In any case, with the quick development of more entangled information sorts, for example, pictures, sounds or video, new ways to deal with looking are required that suit our changing needs better. Content based picture recovery from vast assets has turned into a range of wide intrigue these days in numerous applications. A district based picture recovery framework that utilizations shading and surface as visual components to portray the substance of a picture locale. The contribution to the web index is a picture of a content line, and the yield is the name of the textual style utilized when printing the content. After pre-preparing and division of the info picture, a nearby approach is utilized, where elements are figured for individual characters. An Improving Precision Priority (IPP) calculation incorporating imperative components and the inquiry technique to enhance execution of (CBIR).Keywords-CBIR, IPP algorithm, Image processing.
Keywords: CBIR, Image Searching.
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A Critical Review on Voice Based Recognition System using Computationally Efficient Algorithms
Nitesh Bathma, Akant Kumar Raghuwanshi
Abstract: Voicе rеcognition are turning out to be incrеasingly valuablе thesе days. Differеnt intelligеnt voicе mindful applications are accessiblе in the markеt. Voicе acknowledgmеnt framеworks are the productivе choicеs for such gadgеts wherе writing gеts to be troublesomе. In any case, thеy are normally impliеd for and executеd on the convеntional univеrsally usеful PCs. With developmеnt in the requiremеnts for insertеd registеring and the interеst for rising implantеd stagеs, it is requirеd that the voicе rеcognition systеms (SRS) are accessiblе on thеm as well. PDAs and othеr handhеld gadgеts are turning out to be incrеasingly capablе and moderatе also. It has gottеn to be conceivablе to run interactivе mеdia on thesе gadgеts.
Keywords: Featurе еxtraction, Featurе Matching, Modеling of voicе.
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An Extensive Review on Design and Simulation of Enhanced MODLEACH for Wireless Sensor Network
Ishika Madhu, Prof. Vijay Trivedi
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) composed from a large number of sensor node with the ability to sense and process data in the physical world in a timely manner. The sensor nodes contain a battery constraint which limit the network lifetime. Due to energy constraints, the deployment of WSNs will required advance techniques to maintain the network lifetime. The energy efficient routing is the need of the modern wireless sensor networks to increase the lifetime of the network. The wireless sensor network is mostly battery operated which needs to be conserve as possible as to make network sustain longer and longer. WSN has emerged as an important computing platform in the recent few years. Wireless Sensor Networks consists of a large number of sensor nodes, which are operated by a small battery. The energy of the battery operated nodes is the most vulnerable resource of the WSN, which is depleted at a high rate when information is transmitted, because transmission energy is dependent on the distance of transmission. Sensor nodes can be deployed in the harsh environment. Once they are deployed, it becomes impossible to replace or recharge its battery. So the battery power of sensor node should be used efficiently. Many routing protocols have been proposed so far to maximize the network lifetime and decrease the consumption energy. This work presents an extensive review on various issues in wireless sensor network and protocols used to enhance the performance and network lifetime of wireless sensor network.
Keywords: MANET, WSN, Energy Consumption, Network Lifetime, Clustering.
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